BeeTV for iOS Download for Free (iPhone & iPad)

Download BeeTV iOS App on iPhone and iPad for Free!

Do you want to enjoy shows and movies on your iPhone? You would like to use an application that has plenty of entertainment to offer you. BeeTV is one of such applications that can offer you the content that you need and deserve. It comes with content from all across the globe and the library is updated regularly as well. The fact that it is a user-friendly application adds to the reasons why you should look to download and use it on your device. But the sad part is that it is not readily available for iOS. It means that you will have to download and install it externally. 

BeeTV for iOS Download for Free

Download BeeTV for iOS


You can also download BeeTV for Windows, Firestick, and Android TV!

Features Of BeeTV iOS App

  • It is a user-friendly application. Although it is an unofficial application, you can expect it to work in a completely user-friendly manner. You can navigate the application comfortably, even if you don’t have much experience handling applications on your iPhone device. 
  • You can think about your favorite shows and they will be available on the BeeTV app. It is the large library of this application that makes it a great use for you. The library is updated regularly so you can have a new thing to watch each day. 
  • If you can watch the shows online, that’s well and good. But even if you desire to watch them offline, you will have a chance to do so here on the BeeTV application. You can keep the shows and movies downloaded beforehand and experience them in the offline mode whenever you get the time to watch them. 

How to Install BeeTV on your iOS devices

We will go step-by-step to see how you can use it on your device. So the first thing that you need to do is to download the application to your device. Let’s see how you can do that: 

  • You will need to unlock your device first and enter its Settings. You have to go to the “General” section before finding “Date & Time”. Just change the date to 1 August 2014.
  • You will have to download AppValley or TuTuApp on your iOS Device.
  • Search for BeeTV on AppValley or TutuApp.
  • Click on the “Install” option and then another pop-up is going to appear on your screen. You will have to click on the “Install” option all over again. Wait for the installation to be completed. 
  • As you finish it, you will have to change the date & time once again. You will only need to change the settings during the installation process. 
  • Now that the application is available on your device, you can open the BeeTV by clicking on it. Another pop-up is going to appear on your screen and you will have to tap on the “Trust” option. 

The change in settings is going to be different for the different versions. In iOS 9 or below, you will have to go to Settings and then to the General option. You will be required to go to the BeeTV for iOS Profile and the last thing to do would be to tap on the trust option. 

If you’re using iOS version 9.2, you should go to the Settings before heading into the General section. Find the “Device Management” option and tap on it. You need to get to the “BeeTV app for iOS Profile”. The last thing to do is to trust it and the application will be installed. 


Q1: Is it difficult to download the BeeTV application for iOS? 

No, it’s not difficult to download this application on your device. The only thing that’s different about this application is that it is not readily available on the official app store. So you will have to look for it through a third-party app store or website online. 

Q2: Is the application updated regularly? 

Yes, the developers keep working on the application and provide regular updates for it. The more important thing is that the library of this application is updated regularly as it features new shows and movies daily. 

Q3: What are some of the biggest features of the BeeTV application? 

Some of the best features of this app include superior quality of content, rich history of shows and movies and free of cost nature. You will find separate sections for “Movies”, “HD releases” and “TV Shows”. Moreover, you will get subtitles for all kinds of shows and movies. 

Conclusion: BeeTV iOS Download Free (iPhone & iPad)

The number of free applications for an iPhone is anyways very limited. It makes the BeeTV application a really good use on your device. It has got a library that is updated regularly. If you want to get plenty of entertainment offered to you, start using the BeeTV application on your iPhone and you will get all of it without paying a single penny!