BeeTV APK Download Latest Version 3.7.3 (Official App 2024)

Download BeeTV APK Latest Version Official App for your Android Devices!

With BeeTV you can Watch Movies, Shows & Live TV for Free!

The Official BeeTV App works as a modular scraping tool by which it builds its huge library of Movies, TV Series, Sports, and Live TV!

Name BeeTV
Supported Platforms Android, PC, Firestick, Android TV
Last Updated October 2023
Version v3.7.3
Category Entertainment
Installs 135,000+ (monthly)



BeeTV app is turning up the heat in terms of popularity. It has got a lot to do with the features that it has got for its clients. We will take a look at some of these features here: 

  • In-Built Media Player 

One of the best parts about using BeeTV APK is its built-in media player. Most streaming platforms fail to come up with a media player that suits your viewing experience. To make the viewing experience more quality, the media player is going to play a crucial role. With other streaming platforms, you will have to download a quality media player to access the shows and movies nicely.

But when you use BeeTV APK, you get an awesome in-built media player that’s going to click with you instantly. The developers have made sure to come up with a fantastic media player for its users. 

  • Mobile Friendly 

Various streaming platforms can be used on an Android device. But how many of them can give you the same quality as they can on a PC? The features are toned down for the Android version of the applications. Some of them might keep crashing over some time, especially when you download an unofficial application.

However, the same isn’t the case with BeeTV APK.

This is an application that has been developed in a mobile-friendly manner by its developers. When you start using it, you will be able to run it smoothly on your device. 

  • Huge Collection 

As we have already said, there are various unofficial streaming platforms out there. These might be available for free but the content on them is very limited. If you want to get access to a large library of content, you will have to look for an application like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But the issue here is that you wouldn’t be able to use them without buying a subscription.

But when you use BeeTV APK, you get a huge collection of content without having to subscribe to the platform. Since it’s updated daily, it only becomes bigger and bigger with time. 

  • Offline Download 

Some people have got network issues in their homes. So they like to use the internet connection in their offices and download the files or anything of that sort to use them later. It’s only possible if a particular application is providing you with the option to make offline downloads. BeeTV APK does provide you with the option to make offline downloads. It is one of the best parts of using this application as well.

So if you have network problems at home and you would like to download a show or a movie outside where the network is good, you can do just that. So when you come back home, you can relax and watch the downloaded content as per your will. 

  • No Login Needed 

When you download this application, you can start using it straight away. It means that you don’t even need to provide your login details. You can use it without wasting a single second of your time. Most of the official streaming platforms would make it necessary for you to give your details before logging into them. BeeTV APK doesn’t believe in all of such things as you can do whatever you want to do on the application without wasting your time. 

Download BeeTV APK Latest Version Official App

How To Install BeeTV APK on your Android Devices

Now that you have downloaded the BeeTV APK, you will look to install it. You might think that the process writes itself. But its installation is not as easy as when you download something from Google Play Store. When you download something from the official app store, it is automatically installed on your device. But when you do so from a third-party source, you need to complete the installation manually. 

  • Before you click on the downloaded file, go to the Settings of your device. 
  • You need to enter the Privacy section and allow the applications to be installed from unknown sources

unknown sources android settings

  • Once you have made those little changes, you can start installing the downloaded file without worrying. 
  • When the installation is completed successfully, the icon of the application is going to drop on your home screen. 

beetv official apk installed

You can start using the application and make the most out of it. 


“There are various streaming platforms online. Some of them are risky to use and others require you to pay regular subscription fees to use them. Beet APK is quite different from the others as it has got a fantastic user interface and it is completely safe to use at the same point in time. It’s a quality use and a great source of entertainment!” – Anthony Maxwell

“With a huge library of content, there’s no chance of getting bored with this application. Whenever you feel that the app has got nothing new to offer, the content is updated and something fresh appears on the screen. The fact that it doesn’t require a penny to use this application makes it a steal for all entertainment show lovers.” – Summer Lamar

“Whenever you get bored, BeeTV is going to come to your rescue. You might find more popular applications online but none of them comes for free. Beet has got a sick user interface coupled with awesome content. Once you start using this application, there’s no turning back. A must-have for all the lovers of entertainment!” – Maxi Lopez


Q1: Can I stream content for free on BeeTV APK? 

Yes, that’s one of the reasons why you should look to have this application in the first place. The content comes free of cost and when you see a huge library of content, it might come as a surprise as well. You can stream all the content available on this platform but there’s no price required for the same. 

Q2: Is it safe to use BeeTV APK? 

Yes, it is completely safe to use BeeTV APK. You don’t have to root your device to use this application. If you choose the official website of BeeTV, you will be choosing a trusted source to make the download. You should feel 100% safe about using this application at all levels. 

Q3: Can BeeTV be used on other operating systems as well? 

While it is meant for Android phones, you have the chance to use it for iPhones as well as PCs. You should know how to go with the download and installation process and things will be conducted at a smooth pace. 

Conclusion: BeeTV APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

So if you are outside and you would like to have an application providing a huge library of content, BeeTV APK is meant for you. The biggest reason behind using this platform is that it comes free of cost to you. On top of that, the content is updated daily. There are multiple features of using this application.

So you shouldn’t take much time before downloading it to your device and start using it. There’s plenty of entertainment on offer here!